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What’s so funny about peace, love and – co-operation?

Around the world more than a billion people are involved in co-ops – as members, customers, employees or worker/owners. The crisis in growth and the global economic slump have uncovered an urgent need and a deep yearning for doing things differently. The continued success and growth of co-ops proves that’s possible. This issue marks the UN’s International Year of Co-operatives.

July 2012, Issue 454

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We’re all in this together
Time to celebrate the International year of Co-operatives. Wayne Ellwood raises a glass to their long history and argues that co-ops are democratic, community focused – and a challenge to the dominant free-market model.
How co-ops are building a better world – THE FACTS
An infographic that illustrates why co-ops are a force to be reckoned with.
The unselfish gene
Zoe Cormier explores our natural ability to co-operate.
Big thinkers on co-operation
300 years of the movers and shakers who've put co-operation on the map.
Beyond solidarity
The rituals that reinforce co-operation are under threat, says Richard Sennett. Interview by Horatio Morpurgo.
Cooking for peace
Sometimes simple things can build understanding. Noreen Sadik reports from Israel.
What would Che say?
Can co-operatives save Cuba? John Restakis travels to Havana to find out.
They told us we couldn’t count
In Indonesia, self-help is transforming the lives of rural women. Irfan Kortschak talks to one co-op member.
Your guide for all things co-operative
Redemption road
A modern-day pilgrimage gives troubled youngsters a unique opportunity to walk their way to freedom. Adam Weymouth reports.
Heroism or desperation?
Self-immolation by tibetan protesters is becoming an all-too-familiar sight. Dibyesh Anand considers the reasons why.
Lost and found
The Red Cross is painstakingly reuniting families torn apart by conflict, reports Libby Powell.
Syria’s Catch-22
The current conflict has deep and tangled roots, as Tam Hussein explains.
Confessions of a voluntourist
Helping out the locals while on holiday is a win-win situation, isn’t it? Maybe not, says Michelle Dobrovolny.
Oz puts a price on carbon
Climate campaigner Anna Rose welcomes the new levy on big polluters, saying it will push Oz into a far greener framework.
Legacy of forest defender Chut Wutty
Québec’s maple spring
Richard Swift says Canada's wave of pots-and-pans protests signal the first major rupture with the austerity agenda.
Londoners muse Olympic legacy
News in brief this month
Africa fights back against poachers
Reasons to be cheerful
Open Window guest cartoonist
Does the government have the right to monitor private emails?
Surveillance expert Robin Tudge and Professor of Conflict Beatrice de Graaf go head-to-head - read their arguments and join the debate.
‘We call it life’
‘Riots have been nearly happening all my life,’ poet-rapper Speech Debelle tells Louise Gray.
Hot Docs 2012
A round-up of the best offerings at Toronto’s annual film-fest.
Films, books and music from around the world.
Letter from Botswana
What is self-evident for one is a mystery to others, discovers Lauri Kubuitsile.
Mark Engler
Wall street wants your gratitude.
Josie Long
Not seeing the funny side.
Country Profile: Azerbaijan
Southern Exposure
Mohamed Sulaiman Labat from Western sahara.
Puzzle Page
Making Waves
Ikal Angelei, winning the fight to save Kenya’s lake turkana.
And finally...
Primatologist Jane Goodall on the indomitable human spirit.