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Pakistan: daring to hope

Pakistan is collapsing under the weight of terrorism, religious bigotry, ineffective governance and economic disintegration. We travel to Pakistan to discover what has brought the country, a nuclear power, to such a dire state. What are ordinary people doing to safeguard their environment and to rebuild their lives and their country as a modern state?

ALSO: foreign investment vs. aid • Arundhati Roy • Letter from Cairo

September 2011, Issue 445

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Pakistan on the edge of hope
Despite a turbulent past, Ziauddin Sardar finds reasons for optimism in Pakistan’s future.
Blasphemy and the law
How rules with no basis in the Qur’an are used to terrorize religious minorities.
Pakistan – the facts
An infographic covering population, religion, quality of life and more.
The boy with no identity
Red tape is not enough to stop one keen student getting his education, discovers Ziauddin Sardar.
A spirit of enterprise
Merryl Wyn Davies meets a community that has rallied after last year’s floods to create new hope and opportunity in their village.
Treasures of our history
Pakistanis are waking up to their cultural heritage. Ziauddin Sardar reveals some of its wonders.
What’s Left?
The political Left is alive and active in Pakistan. Qalandar Bux Memon and Ali Mohsin on a proud history and a promising future.
The Warsaw Pact to keep Palestine off the map
‘I am the first to divorce for Guatemala’
Guatemalans go to the polls on 11 September - but despite an embarrassment of candidates, many fear it's a case of simply hoping that the least bad option wins.
Merchants of death go shopping
From 13 to 16 September some 25,000 delegates will visit Britain's largest arms fair. It's a big, and decidedly dirty, business.
Stop stalling on climate action!
24 September: Moving Planet day of action, Africa
Tajik women rally after divorce-by-text
Twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan is experiencing a strange new disintegration of its own. Angela Robson reports.
Gender warrior wins name-change battle in Ecuador
Should foreign investment replace aid for Africa?
Donu Kogbara and Dereje Alemayehu go head to head - join the debate in this month's Argument.
Guns into guitars
Colombian musician César López is turning destruction into creation.
Films, books and music from around the world reviewed.
Eco-city dreaming comes true
Brian Loffler on how some blue-skies thinking created a green inspiration.
The spirit of the brambles
Dear friends and family, I’m off... wwoofing!
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With special reports on campaign news
Carrots for men; food for cars; and why we should all embrace Oneness.
Country profile: Armenia
Facts, figures and ratings.
Interview with Arundhati Roy
Activist, novelist and outspoken critic of India’s failings – Arundhati Roy is both revered and reviled. She talks about democracy, people power and whether another world is possible.
Letter from Cairo
The independent press has gained strength from the revolution, writes Maria Golia.
Mark Engler
The ‘war on terror’ is 10 years old this month – and should never have been born.
Puzzle Page
Axe's classic crossword is joined by a wordsearch and ‘Sudokey’
Askavusa – Fortress Europe’s Achilles heel.
Cartoon Corner
Polyp’s Big Bad World, Marc Roberts’ Only Planet plus guest cartoonist Elena Ospina from Colombia.
Anna Chen
It’s time for the élite to get their manicured hands dirty.
And finally...
Award-winning documentary filmmaker Kim Longinotto on her latest film, Pink Saris.