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New Internationalist looks behind the impressive economic statistics to find the human story – the sweat and the struggle underlying China’s impressive growth record. This is a tale of vast proportions – the largest migration in human history, the ruthless exploitation of the vulnerable, and the awakening of hundreds of thousands to their power and their rights. Analysis mixes with history and the voices of the workers to paint a picture of what is at stake both for China and the world.

April 2011, Issue 441

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Whose miracle?
An epic migration to the cities has been responsible for China’s turbocharged economic performance. But, as Richard Swift explains, the cost for many workers has been too great and they refuse to be quiet any longer.
China’s workers – the facts
Vital facts and figures
Electronics giant Foxconn employs over a million people in China – in conditions that drive them to despair, reports Jenny Chan.
Hard road to justice
Three personal stories of the battles being fought for workers’ rights.
Solidarity with China’s workers – the campaigns that count.
Oil or life? Ecuador’s stark choice
Esme McAvoy is in the Amazon to find out what’s happening to the Yasuní proposal.
When people rise up...
As the ripples of rebellion spread through the Arab world, what’s next for democracy?
10th anniversary of world’s first legal gay marriage
‘Spring of resistance’ student protests
International Mother Earth day
1st anniversary of creation of Chagos marine protected area
International day of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners
1st anniversary of Sierra Leone’s free healthcare initiative
Corporate AGM season
1-30 April: Corporate AGM Season.
Is ‘ethical wealth’ a contradiction?
Lush Cosmetics owner Mark Constantine and activist- artist Paul Fitzgerald go head to head in this month’s debate. Plus your comments.
Diamanda Galás
Dinyar Godrej interviews a voice from the dark.
Films, books and music from around the world reviewed.
A taste of Utopia
New columnists Isa Fremeaux and John Jordan on why they want to live the good life.
Finish your meal... or don’t come back!
A lesson in moderation at a restaurant with a difference.
Full listings
With special reports on campaign news
PR for government crimes, anarchy rules and capitalism goes broke.
Country profile: Guyana
Our popular monthly country profile, with complete facts and figures
New book
Beware Americans talking ‘stability’, warns Noam Chomsky.
Letter from Cairo
Maria Golia sees post-Mubarak Egypt with fresh and bliss-filled eyes.
Puzzle Page
Axe's classic crossword is joined by a wordsearch and ‘Sudokey’
Mark Engler
Mark Engler has a taboo solution to the US’s economic woes.
Project Alcatraz is giving Venezuelan criminals a fresh start.
Cartoon corner
Big Bad World, Only Planet and guest cartoonist Arcadio Esquivel from Costa Rica.
Anna Chen
Anna Chen suffers a wardrobe malfunction.
And finally...
Searching for timeless truths, enjoying freedom and watching snowflakes – poet Jack Mapanje tells Rowenna Davis about life after prison.