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Corporate lobbying and more

How can people begin to claim power back from the masters of spin, PR and brown paper envelopes? We expose the murky world of corporate lobbying.

PLUS: The Unreported Year – picture and news • Argument – Is being vegan the only green option? • Hugo Blanco – Peru’s eco-warrior • Q&A with writer and activist Susan George • Roberto Bolaño’s new book.

January 2011, Issue 439

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In the halls of shame
Who shapes the policies and laws that govern us? If you think the answer is ‘our elected politicians’, read on. Vanessa Baird examines the secretive but expanding power of corporate lobbying.
Corporate influence – the facts
Vital facts and figures
The best influence money can buy - the 10 Worst Corporate Lobbyists
Dirty cash and dirty tricks – our rogues’ gallery of lobbyists who get governments to dance to their tune.
The unreported year
Six page special feature: stories and photos that didn’t make the mainstream media in 2010
Full listings
With special reports on campaign news
Is being vegan the only green option?
Bruce Friedrich of PETA and food author Wayne Roberts debate the best diet for a small planet. Plus your comments.
The Best of 2010
Books, film and music from a year gone by
Films, books and music from around the world reviewed.
Slow Food delights in a new pleasure principle
A political stand and an enjoyment of good food are two vital ingredients in this thriving movement.
Cut those ‘plant miles’!
It’s better for your plants, the planet and your pocket, as Anna Weston explains.
Living the fairtrade life
The 1,000th Fairtrade town is due to be announced, a decade on from the movement’s humble beginnings.
The Diggers, Deepwater and more on the Nestlé boycott.
Country profile: Guinea-Bissau
A profile of the West African state
Leading voice for indigenous rights, Hugo Blanco.
Letter from Cairo
Maria Golia gets a crash course in vermin control.
Puzzle Page
Axe's classic crossword is joined by a wordsearch and ‘Sudokey’
Mark Engler
The hole in America’s middle.
Southern Exposure
Tatiana Cardeal captures a moment of calm on the Rio Negro.
Physicians for Human Rights Israel, winners of the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’.
Cartoon corner
Big Bad World, Only Planet and guest cartoonist Rajesh KC from Nepal.
Anna Chen
The use-by date on hippies.
And finally...
Susan George explains why the financial crisis is a moral crisis.