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Our natural world is being increasingly denatured. There go the animals: extinctions are now up to a thousand times the natural background rate, and between 150 and 200 species become extinct every 24 hours. Watch out, plants: a fifth of your sort, up to 100,000 species, could also soon be extinct. Some 80,000 acres of rainforest vanish off the face of the earth – each day.

November 2010, Issue 437

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The need for reconnection
We are agents of great change, says Dinyar Godrej, but can we also change direction?
A sea returns to life, a sea slowly dies
Paul Lauener’s stirring report from the Aral Sea, scene of both environmental miracle and disaster.
That petrol emotion
Adam Ma'anit peers beyond the smoke and mirrors at BP's 'clean up' of the Gulf of Mexico.
Stopping the juggernaut
Put environmental villains in the dock, says campaigner Polly Higgins.
Fungus to die for
Murder in the high Himalayas over a natural aphrodisiac. Jamie James reports.
A day in the life - with interest
Becky Palmstrom discovers how Burma's urban poor survive in a world without banks.
Rebuilding Haiti (one vacation at a time)
Candidates in the upcoming presidential elections are touting tourism as Haiti’s ticket to prosperity. Yet the island is still reeling from January’s earthquake – so what sort of bizarre idea is this? wonders Elizabeth Lazar.
Tensions build in Western Saharan endgame
Demonstrators evicted as Moroccan security forces move in to ‘protest city’.
Are public service cuts justified?
Banker Dan Mobley goes head to head with tax justice campaigner John Christensen.
World unites against the Wall
Koreans brace themselves for G20 travelling roadshow
India falls short
Mexicans wish away violence against women
Europe rallies against GM crop decision
Justice for the Kennedy 12?
Threatened town looks for alternatives
Don't just sit there - get in on the action.
Western nations' contempt for democracy. Plus Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone
Letter from Cairo
In the name of research, Maria Golia meets a man with an unusual mission.
Mark Engler
We need to bust the pendulum, not see how it swings!
Puzzle page
Southern Exposure
Daniel Patino Flor captures a moment of relaxation in Ecuador.
Vedanta undermined! Victory for the hill tribes of India in a David and Goliath battle.
Cartoon corner
Big Bad World, Only Planet and a guest cartoonist from Cuba/Brazil.
Anna Chen
Why are we dancing around reality?
And Finally...
What makes Margaret Atwood tick?