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Deported! What happened next?

Kicking out asylum seekers and ‘illegal’ immigrants is a political trump card in the rich West – particularly when there’s an election around the corner. The New Internationalist tracks down individuals who have been returned to their countries, and lets them speak for themselves. These are not the stories of spongers and scoundrels, as the rightwing press would have us believe, but of a gross betrayal of human rights and of persecution and desperation that no courtroom could foretell.

June 2010, Issue 433

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Deported – what happened next?
It's time to give a voice to those who are turned back at our borders. Dinyar Godrej explains why.
Deportation – in numbers
The man in the newspaper
John 'Bosco' Nyombi sought sanctuary in the West from persecution in Uganda – only to spend eight years struggling for his rights.
'I was in an art class'
Even the young are not exempt: a Costa Rican schoolgirl recalls the day Canadian immigration officers arrested her.
Letter from Cairo: handle with care
Returning to Cairo after some time away, Maria Golia is waylaid in the labyrinth of a cargo warehouse.
Country profile
‘Son of the desert’ turned son of steel, Lakshmi Mittal is laughing all the way to the bank.
Making Waves
Working for peace: Burundian Pascaline Nsekera helps refugees in Canada, her adopted country.
Inequality costs the earth
Great equality, both between and within nations, would be better for us all – as well as for the planet. Bob Hughes considers the facts.
Mean machine
Danny Dorling explains how class divisions reinforce social inequality and lower the level of public debate.
Field of dreams?
What does this months's soccer World Cup mean for the people of South Africa? A photographic insight into life beyond the headlines.
Professional hazard: murder
Investigating the truth can be deadly for Russia's journalists, as Tina Burrett discovers.
Summit different
After Copenhagen's dismal failure, social movements from all over the world gathered in Bolivia – here's what happened.
David vs. Goliath
Judgment expected soon on historic environmental lawsuit.
Hands off our mother!
Unproven scientific ‘fixes’ for global warming are a major threat to the planet.
Crackdown in Cairo
Egyptian politics heats up over Mubarak succession.
New Zealand does the right thing
International efforts to protect the rights of the world’s aboriginal communities gain strength.
Women Without Men
Directed and co-written by Shirin Neshat
Milk of Sorrow
Written and directed by Claudia Llosa.
Eyes Wide Open
Directed by Haim Tabakman.
Assume Crash Position
By Konono No 1.
The Story of Stuff
Thanks to the combination of specialization and production chains that span the globe, we consumers rarely get to see the whole picture. This book joins the dots, showing the impacts of resource extraction on local communities and the environment.
Lonely Hearts Killer
By Tomoyuki Hoshino.
Laurie Anderson is no stranger to the political landscape.