Issue 431 of New Internationalist

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April 2010

April 2010

Exposing the severe human and environmental costs of Canada’s dramatic transformation from global good guy to corrupt petro-state, and profiles some of the key figures in what is shaping up to be an iconic struggle in the effort to drag the world back from the brink of a fossil fuel-dependent future.


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In this issue

  • With elections fast approaching, *Nick Hunt* exposes how Meles Zenawi’s Government has turned its back on its people.

  • Tunisia continues to enjoy close economic and political ties with the US and Europe and benefits from billions of dollars of foreign investment.

  • There are tar sands deposits all over the world. *Mika Minio-Paluello* visits two of them.

  • *Gopal Mitra* experienced the violence and tragedy of Kashmir firsthand, but is hopeful of a peaceful future, as *Jeremy Seabrook* discovers.

  • *Zoe Cormier* meets two indigenous people for whom this fight couldn’t be more personal.

  • The fate of our favourite fish hangs in the balance. *Sara Holden* and *Greg McNevin* explain what needs to be done to give it, and countless other ocean dwellers, a fighting chance.

  • Vast reserves of the black stuff are bringing the country nothing but trouble, argues *Andrew Nikiforuk*.