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January 2010's Issue

With world population at around 6.7 billion and predicted to hit 9 billion by 2050, we are in the grip of a new panic about numbers. But is it reasonable? This month’s NI sifts the evidence.

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Featured in issue 429

The vultures have landed

Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Haiti. Felicity Arbuthnot argues that the US’s so-called humanitarian intervention on the devastated Caribbean island is anything but.

Behind the scenes

One of the video-journalists who shot Oscar-nominated Burma VJ is in jail for his efforts. His colleague on the project, Ay Min Soe – himself now in exile in Thailand – talks to Joseph Allchin about the film and its repercussions.

Turkey’s unstoppable dam

After failing to court Chinese investors, Turkey is set to self-finance a controversial billion-dollar dam project, reports Crystal Luxmore.

We mean business!

Refugees in a Rwandian camp are finding enterprising ways to make a living, discovers Wil Morat.

The witness

Human rights activist Ewa Jasiewicz reflects on her time in Gaza, where she saw – and reported on – unimaginable horrors and incredible heroism.

  • 27 Jan 2010
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Haiti: disaster relief or disaster capitalism?

Richard Swift reports from the Caribbean.

Does Haiti exist?

The devastated island has the full attention of the media for now – but, wonders Leonardo Padura Fuentes, how long will it be before the world turns its back?

This magic green bracelet

Ayatollah Khomeini’s grandsons supporting the reformers? Demonstrations in the holy city of Qom? This is a new generation of resistance, as Nasrin Alavi shows in her latest survey of the Iranian blogosphere.

Rising faster than the oceans

After Copenhagen, Danny Chivers offers some thoughts on what comes next – complete with positive suggestions and glimmerings of hope.

Digging for sanctuary

Unlikely friendships grow among the vegetables at an allotment in Devon. Ruth Gidley meets a group of asylum seekers who are providing food for themselves and other refugees.

Maryam Bibi

Empowering girls and women in Pakistan

The missing pieces

Is hell really other people? Vanessa Baird concludes with some sobering facts and reflections on equality.

Population and climate change

Jonathon Porritt and the Corner House offer two very different perspectives on one of the big debates of the day.

No Way To Run An Economy

How not to run an economy

Rich World hypocrisy

Cartoon by Polyp


A film about how far we know and trust others, and how other people make us who we are, partly through the stories we hear.

Frontline Bangladesh

The climate refugees of tomorrow.

Cairo 2010

The dawn of a new decade has Maria Golia pondering the past.


Based on the novel Push by Sapphire, directed by Lee Daniels

When sperm didn't meet ovum

China and Iran: two ways to do family planning.

Sex action

How ‘abstinence’ is pushing up the abortion rate.

The Best of 2009

The best books, music & films of 2009 as reviewed by NI.

Sierra Leone

Every home in Sierra Leone is well stocked with candles, gasoline lanterns and trusty flashlights. These are life essentials in the capital, Freetown, where electricity is intermittent at best.

Caught in the net

Brazil has no specific law to deal with internet content.

  • 1 Jan 2010
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A brief history of population

Includes a murky past.

Ageing - 7 myths

The average age of the population is increasing – people are living longer. Also, women are having fewer children. But is this greying of nations really a ‘crisis’?

Mine hero

The struggle to eradicate landmines continues

To buy or not to buy

The Nestlé fair trade Kit Kat dilemma.

  • 1 Jan 2010
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Victory looms

Transatlantic student boycott forces clothing company to reopen factory

Blame the coffee

Why tiny Timor Leste is undergoing a baby boom.

Afrikaners hit bottom

Photo-journalist Dean Saffron documents life in a South African squatter camp.

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders, the lying Dutchman.

  • 1 Jan 2010
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Minor offences

India’s brutal treatment of Kashmiri youths is fuelling conflict

Beyond Reach?

A fictionalized account of the 2005 Make Poverty History campaign.

Too many people?

Vanessa Baird wonders why the demographers aren’t panicking.


An elegant album, stripped bare to its poetry. Bass notes on the oud ground the songs wonderfully and Jubran’s voice is sinuous and expressive, full of colour tones.

Brothers in peace

Israeli Rami Elhanan and Palestinian Bassam Aramin forged an unlikely friendship through a terrible tragedy. They share their story.


Low whistle, hornpipes, kaval (this is a traditional Balkan flute) and practice chanter (and this a part of the Scots bagpiping set-up) are just a few of the instruments employed by Fraser Fifield on Stereocanto.

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Freedom in sight?

West Papua stands on a knife-edge between freedom and disaster. In this issue, we hear the voices of people living under Indonesian occupation and fighting to be free. We learn about the unifying power of Melanesian music, expose the extractive companies that are profiting from Papuan repression, and hear Indigenous leaders lay out their visions of the new country they want to build.


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Populism rises again

In the post-truth world of 2016, the day of the demagogue arrived. President Duterte played Dirty Harry in the Philippines. A pussy-grabbing, fact-denying, tax-shirking billionaire got elected US president. Smirking Brexiteers lied through their teeth and had their way. Authoritarian populists have stoked anger and division, and exposed faultlines in democracy. In this edition we ask, what is the appeal of the appalling? And is a progressive populism the answer?

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