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January 2009's Issue

The impending climate crisis will make the financial meltdown look like a teddy bear’s picnic - and it’s the world’s poor and marginalized who will suffer the most. We know what’s coming, and we have the means to prevent it. And yet we’re just staring climate oblivion in the face. As the world continues to belch out greenhouse gases, and governments and corporations champion false solutions, a movement for climate justice is building. Its aim is to tackle perhaps the greatest challenge of our troubled times - how we can dramatically reduce global emissions while at the same time raising the quality of life for the majority of the world’s people. This magazine will explore what can be done.

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Featured in issue 419

The end of an era

With the US economy on life support, Asian countries have lost their major export market. Walden Bello wonders if domestic markets can take up the slack.

Israel's eternal impunity

To justify itself, state terrorism creates terrorists: it sows hatred and harvests alibis, writes Eduardo Galeano.

Victory, impunity and terror

Rahnuma Ahmed gives a cautious welcome to the result of the Bangladeshi election that brought an end to a two-year ‘state of emergency’.

Why the Gaza war is a crime against the State of Israel

Uri Avnery considers the role of propaganda in the war on Gaza. The battle for the TV screen is one of the decisive battles of the war.

Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht, German poet, playwright and theatre director.

  • 1 Jan 2009
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A country at the edge of Europe home to wolves, bears, lynx and Europe’s last dictator.

Big Bad World 419 - Climate change

A word from Polyp on climate change

  • 1 Jan 2009
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Diamonds are for never

Swiss mining company grabs Sierra Leone gems

A million mutinies

Sunita Narain looks to the environmentalism of the poor for answers.

No place like home

Cairo’s poor show a peculiar brand of camaraderie.

Degrees of delusion

Yang Ailun and David Spratt on why politicians are failing.

Concrete dreams

India’s middle class is becoming more antagonistic to the urban poor, says Jeremy Seabrook.

  • 1 Jan 2009
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The Other

The Other by Ryzard Kapuscinski

Four principles for climate justice

Social movements around the world are calling for urgent and radical action, broadly based on four main principles.

  • 1 Jan 2009
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Meltdown South

David Ransom examines the impact so far on the Majority World.

The White Tiger

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Power politics

Stopping climate change will involve reversing some fundamental injustices, argues Jess Worth.


Equatoria by Tom Dreyer

Che - Part 1, Che - Part 2

We get to see a lot of Che’s iconic look in over four hours of film, but sadly, though long on detail, it’s short on insight.

Leave it in the ground!

Activists Nnimmo Bassey and Mel Evans report from the frontline.

A new, green, democratic deal

How the financial, social and environmental crises collide – the opportunities and the dangers. Susan George and Walden Bello get the debate going.


Waitless by Empty Boat

A timely death?

Patrick Bond foresees a rocky future for carbon trading.

Don't panic: take action!

You can play your part in the global movement for climate justice by getting involved in local and national campaigns wherever you are. Here are a few tips for taking effective climate action.

Mother-Earth! Father-Sky!

Mother-Earth! Father-Sky! by Huun-Huur-Tu featuring Sainkho

The Best of 2008

The best music, books and films from 2008

Homegrown energy

In Brazil, communities are forging their own solutions, reports Lucia Ortiz.

Interview with Jeff Halper

The veteran activist Jeff Halper talks about his part in breaching the blockade of Gaza.

Mikheil Saakashvili

The democratic credentials of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili are in tatters.

Tatiana Cardeal

Brazilian photographer Tatiana Cardeal on Kayapó body painting.

Expert Security

Eat in or get taken away

Aryan Outfitters

Business is booming for sinister seamstress

The real deal

Unless it is fair, we will never get a successful international climate agreement. Tom Athanasiou has rolled up his sleeves and produced a proposal for how it could be done.

Sock and Awe

Take off your shoes to George Dubya?

Healthcare crippled

Millions of African lives lost from shortfall in doctors.

Remember, remember the fourth of November

New law gives animal rights campaigners reason to celebrate.

Just or bust

Danny Chivers surveys the options for the Copenhagen climate talks in 2009, and asks if they can deliver climate justice.

Climate Justice - The Facts

Climate change is causing human suffering all over the world and it’s the poorest of the poor who are going to be worst hit.

Hugo's Bank

Latin American Bank held up by its members.

Fall-out in Kazakhstan

Fall-out from nuclear tet zone still killing Kazakhs.

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May Issue: West Papua

Freedom in sight?

West Papua stands on a knife-edge between freedom and disaster. In this issue, we hear the voices of people living under Indonesian occupation and fighting to be free. We learn about the unifying power of Melanesian music, expose the extractive companies that are profiting from Papuan repression, and hear Indigenous leaders lay out their visions of the new country they want to build.


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Populism rises again

In the post-truth world of 2016, the day of the demagogue arrived. President Duterte played Dirty Harry in the Philippines. A pussy-grabbing, fact-denying, tax-shirking billionaire got elected US president. Smirking Brexiteers lied through their teeth and had their way. Authoritarian populists have stoked anger and division, and exposed faultlines in democracy. In this edition we ask, what is the appeal of the appalling? And is a progressive populism the answer?

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