Issue 419 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

January-February 2009

Climate Justice

The impending climate crisis will make the financial meltdown look like a teddy bear's picnic - and it's the world's poor and marginalized who will suffer the most. We know what's coming, and we have the means to prevent it. And yet we're just staring climate oblivion in the face. As the world continues to belch out greenhouse gases, and governments and corporations champion false solutions, a movement for climate justice is building. Its aim is to tackle perhaps the greatest challenge of our troubled times - how we can dramatically reduce global emissions while at the same time raising the quality of life for the majority of the world's people. This magazine will explore what can be done.


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In this issue

  • A country at the edge of Europe home to wolves, bears, lynx and Europe's last dictator.
  • *Sunita Narain* looks to the environmentalism of the poor for answers.
  • *Yang Ailun* and *David Spratt* on why politicians are failing.
  • Social movements around the world are calling for urgent and radical action, broadly based on four main principles.
  • Stopping climate change will involve reversing some fundamental injustices, argues *Jess Worth.*
  • You can play your part in the global movement for climate justice by getting involved in local and national campaigns wherever you are. Here are a few tips for taking effective climate action.
  • Climate change is causing human suffering all over the world and it's the poorest of the poor who are going to be worst hit.