Issue 406 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

November 2007

Depleted Uranium: the poisoned legacy

When a depleted uranium (DU) munition hits a tank, it punctures its armour with ease and vapourizes into a fireball, causing total destruction. Lethal and effective, it’s no wonder that DU weapons have been used by US, British and NATO forces in recent conflicts. But has anyone measured the human cost? This month's NI explores a terrain of denial and neglect.


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In this issue

  • Experimenting with capitalism in Cuba

  • The facts on depleted uranium

  • We feel guilty about what we do (flying, driving a car) and about what we don’t do (not making that demo, not recycling enough). *Adam Ma’anit* traces the roots of these feelings and argues that we need liberation.

  • Will the whole truth about depleted uranium ammunition ever come out? It depends on who’s looking, discovers *Dinyar Godrej*.

  • DU: From waste to weapon – a visual guide.

  • How *Masih Alinejad* is paying the price for confronting Iran’s leaders