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Daring to Dream: inspiration from the Majority World

Visionary voices: the people, the ideas, the action.

For our 400th edition, the NI unfurls a tapestry of ideas and activism from the Majority World. Engaged with the here and now in order to build for a better future, burnishing hope amid downturns and defeats, these are voices we feel you will want to hear.


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Included in this issue

Democratic Republic of Congo

Corruption runs deep in Congo

The making of an Islamic Jack the Ripper

View from Gujranwala – *Abbas Zaidi* tells the chilling story of an Islamic Jack the Ripper.

Goodbye Bafana

A film taken from a book by a white guy who knew an African leader – sounds familiar?

The Corporation that Changed the World

How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational
L’Oreal Took My Home

L’Oreal Took My Home

*Monica Waitzfelder*’s true story of her family’s suffering during and after World War Two

Graffiti My Soul

Veerapen Prendrapen – half Jewish, half Tamil – is the fastest runner in his school
Life in the Faslane

Life in the Faslane

True tales of a mixed-up world
‘I don’t believe in love marriages’

‘I don’t believe in love marriages’

An Indian serial kidnapper interviewed.

The Dhal Puri Queue

*Lindsey Collen* drops in to a street summit while waiting for a tasty snack.
Mauritania votes

Mauritania votes

In March this year the West African country of Mauritania held its first open and fair election in decades
Special status for Srebrenica

Special status for Srebrenica

Several hundred returnees claim Srebrenica should be excluded from the jurisdiction of Republika Srpska.
Hands off our water!

Hands off our water!

World Water Day

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