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For our 400th edition, the NI unfurls a tapestry of ideas and activism from the Majority World. Engaged with the here and now in order to build for a better future, burnishing hope amid downturns and defeats, these are voices we feel you will want to hear.

May 2007, Issue 400

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  • Daring to dream

    Daring to dream

    *Dinyar Godrej* on what truly inspires.

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  • Revenge

    *Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy*’s song of reconciliation.

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  • Power surge

    Power surge

    Rural women claim their rights in South Africa.

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  • Watchful eyes

    Corruption busters in India

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  • Secret service

    Secret service

    Afghanistan’s RAWA takes on the fundamentalists.

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  • Trial by fire

    Trial by fire

    *Victor Juliet Mukasa* sues the Ugandan Government.

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  • Sand in the wheels

    Sand in the wheels

    *Walden Bello*’s thoughts on turning back globalization

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  • Mauritania votes

    In March this year the West African country of Mauritania held its first open and fair election in decades

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  • Special status for Srebrenica

    Several hundred returnees claim Srebrenica should be excluded from the jurisdiction of Republika Srpska.

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  • Fast Food Nation

    The business stinks.

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  • Folk Songs for the Five Points

    Folk Songs for the Five Points

    History of a city shaped by immigrant memory and musical culture

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  • Segu Blue

    Segu Blue

    West African Bassekou Kouyate and Mali’s first traditional lute quartet

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  • Life in the Faslane

    True tales of a mixed-up world

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  • Karl Rove

    The Darth Vader of US elections

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  • The making of an Islamic Jack the Ripper

    The making of an Islamic Jack the Ripper

    View from Gujranwala – *Abbas Zaidi* tells the chilling story of an Islamic Jack the Ripper.

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  • Hands off our water!

    World Water Day

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  • Be careful who you sleep with

    Billionaire insurance mogul Maurice ‘Hank’ Greenberg was charged with fraud and insurance and securities violations

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  • Narcos and Bushes

    A bad beginning to 2007 in Guatemala.

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  • Porter’s plight

    Porter’s plight

    Bearing the backpacking burden in the Nepali Himalayas.

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  • The Dhal Puri Queue

    The Dhal Puri Queue

    *Lindsey Collen* drops in to a street summit while waiting for a tasty snack.

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  • Action on Palestine

    Action on Palestine

    Get involved

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  • Boycott Israel

    Boycott Israel

    *Omar Barghouti* calls for a boycott of Israel.

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  • Occupation and the mind

    Occupation and the mind

    *Samah Jabr* counts the cost to Palestinians’ mental health.

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  • The diverse, the multiple, the different

    A message of resistance from Oaxaca, Mexico.

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  • Continental shift

    Continental shift

    *Carlos M Vilas* gauges the gains of people’s politics in Latin America.

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  • Pump up the volume

    Pump up the volume

    Radio revolution in Zambia, Malawi and Namibia.

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  • Screen lives

    Activist filmmakers in India

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  • Learning for life

    Learning for life

    Burma’s *Charm Tong* takes on the generals.

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  • The indivisible I

    The indivisible I

    *Gautam Bhan* on the spectrum of queer lives.

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  • Acts of conscience

    AIDS activist Zackie Achmat’s acts of conscience

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  • Deep green

    Brazil’s small farmers stave off the giants.

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  • Cultural invaders

    Afroreggae beat the violence

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