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Ethical shopping

A revolution is occurring in shopping malls across the western world. Having once been the sole preserve of hippies, lefties, church-goers and *NI* readers, all of a sudden ‘ethical’ is in. With sales of organic, fair trade, sweatshop-free, eco-friendly products shooting up year on year, ‘ethical consumerism’ is becoming big business. Even the most hard-nosed transnationals are falling over themselves to show consumers just how planet-conscious they really are. As this once-minuscule market goes mainstream, *NI* takes a look at the implications and asks some big questions.


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Punk rock capitalism?

You can eliminate AIDS in Africa using an American Express credit card according to Product (RED)’s *Tamsin Smith* and *Sheila...

Chocolate and child slaves

Chocolate and child slaves

*Seriously* readers will be delighted to hear that Nestlé – the world’s most boycotted company – has been taking its c

Faulty Forsmark

Faulty Forsmark

On 17 August 2006, there was a ‘class two’ incident that occurred at the Swedish atomic reactor Forsmark.

Sudan's other crisis

The crisis surrounding the return of refugees to post-war southern Sudan.

Enough fiddling while the planet burns!

Enough fiddling while the planet burns!

Mass protests are planned in 45 countries on the eve of the next round of UN talks on climate change.

Fouled coastline

Fouled coastline

The sea off the coast of Jiyyeh gleams azure blue in the late summer sun, inviting war-weary Lebanese to dip in and fo

Gulag for journalists

Gulag for journalists

Five years after Eritrean authorities launched a massive crackdown on independent journalists and media outlets, 13 jo

Sweating over sweatshops

*Mark Engler* explains why ‘clean clothes’ campaigning is no longer about boycotting Gap.


In October 2006, Thailand expanded its list of tourist attractions with one of the world’s most laid-back military coups....

Farce as reality

How Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times predicted the reality of present-day Mauritius, by *Lindsey Collen*.

21st century consumers

What brand of buyer are you?

Murder in Moscow

Murder in Moscow

Russia’s most outspoken opposition journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, was brutally gunned down in the lift of her Moscow

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