Issue 391 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

July 2006

CO2NNED: Carbon offsets stripped bare

The issues behind the 'carbon offset' industry, the communities negatively affected by so-called climate friendly projects, and what really needs to happen to counter climate change.


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In this issue

  • Forest and climate change campaigner *Jutta Kill* explains why planting trees is no substitute for reducing pollution.

  • What is happiness? John F Schumaker argues our socio-economic system is designed to spew out citizens eternally in search of satisfaction.

  • A Life Elsewhere by Segun Afolabi

  • Carbon offsets are not a solution. There are no quick fixes, time to ditch the guilt and get active argues Adam Ma’anit.

  • Slicing the carbon pie

  • Gabon is a good example of why judging how well a country is doing by _per-capita_ income is just useless. It is oil-rich and yet half the population lives below the poverty line. World Bank/IMF strictures are doing their part to help keep it that way.