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Issue 388 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

April 2006

Trade Justice!

The recent trade summit in Hong Kong did virtually nothing to make trade more fair for poorer countries - even though the current round of talks is meant to be devoted to development.


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Included in this issue

So, what's to be done?

So, what's to be done?

At the journey’s end, some proposals for how to make trade more just.
Interview with Irene Fernandez

Interview with Irene Fernandez

Interview with *Irene Fernandez* – defender of Malaysia’s migrant workers and winner of an ‘alternative Nobel Prize’.
Polyp's Big Bad World - April 2006

Polyp's Big Bad World - April 2006

*Polyp* announces the next creative strategy in the War on Terror.

Made in China

A peek at who’s bankrolling the boom.

Trade Justice

What is it? *Vanessa Baird* embarks upon a journey of discovery.

Laboratory for change

Is Fair Trade a sideshow – or a blueprint for the future?

Troubled water

India is pressing ahead with the most ambitious dam-building programme ever conceived. *Rainer Hoerig* sees trouble ahead.
The second founding of Bolivia

The second founding of Bolivia

Indigenous leader Evo Morales’ election victory continues to cause shockwaves around the world. *Eduardo Galeano* sees it as...

Blood of the Matyr

Blood of the Martyr is a photo taken early in the Iranian revolution of 1979 by *Kaveh Golestan*, who was killed in Iraq in 2003...

The Next Gulf: London, Washington and Oil Conflict in Nigeria

The Next Gulf by *Andy Rowell, James Marriott & Lorne Stockman*

L'Enfant (The Child)

L’Enfant by *Jean-Pierre* & *Luc Dardenne*


Tsotsi directed by *Gavin Hood*

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