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I've got a right!

The struggle for equal rights for persons with disabilities often comes up against harsh economic realities in the Majority World. Cash shortages are what governments hide behind when they deny proper participation to a full 10 per cent of citizens, but they are by no means the only barrier disabled people want to knock down. Entrenched prejudice, ignorance and indifference often leave people with disabilities stranded outside society.


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Power struggle

Power struggle

Uganda has the highest proportion of disabled people in government. Joseph Walugembe and Julia Peckett explore what this means.

Damu Smith

Grassroots organizer *Damu Smith* has spent his life battling against the odds. Now he’s taking on his two biggest challenges:...
Buy British… and Slovakian!

Buy British… and Slovakian!

British National Party (the UK’s ultra-nationalist Nazi wannabes) members are infamous for their anti-foreigner, anti-
Petro- provocation

Petro- provocation

Iran's shift away from the petrodollar may hurt the US


Greenham Non-Violent Women v The Crown Prerogative

Greenham Non-Violent Women v The Crown Prerogative

There was always something special about the protests at Greenham Common.

Revolución rampista!

When local government had to move out of the way of activists on a mission. Tomás Hernández explains.

Suicide Bombers Allah's New Martyrs

No refuge

Anguish of Chechens in exile

The Story of My Life

The Story of My Life and The Silver Throat of the Moon by refugee writers

First Person

Pili Akili from Tanzania and Amarakoon Disanayaka Piyasena from Sri Lanka talk about living with mental illness in village...
Crunch time over Fairtrade mark for Nestlé

Crunch time over Fairtrade mark for Nestlé

Nestlé Fairtrade mockery.

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