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It’s there, right at the top. Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: ‘All humans are born free and equal in dignity and human rights.’ Why, then, do some leading thinkers warn that equality is ‘the endangered species of politcal ideals’? And the views of others that there’s nothing wrong with inequality - while equality is doomed and damaging - gain ground?
We chart equality’s progress over the past couple of decades. Is the language of equality less fashionable today because so much has been achieved - or so little?

February 2004, Issue 364

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Equality's progress
It's been a tough time for equality. But is it really 'an endangered species', as some have suggested? Vanessa Baird takes stock.
Strong & smart
Teacher Chris Sarra is turning upside-down ideas about what Aboriginal kids can and can't do.
I was born white
Mark Minchinton undertakes a journey back to his - and his country's - Aboriginal roots.
Two years after the liberation of Afghanistan, are its women really free? Reports from Mariam Rawi and Jamila Mujahed.
Measures of equality - the facts
Equality - and its opposite - cannot be measured in numbers and calculations alone. Nevertheless the statistics can be quite revealing.
Each in their place
There's caste and there's class. And in some places the two intertwine. Mari Marcel Thekaekara writes from India, where the struggle for Dalit rights is gathering strength.
The self I will never know
Genital mutilation of intersex children occurs on a daily basis. Esther Morris explains why it must stop - and why intersex needs to become the 'gay rights' of the 21st century.
Do we really want equality?
Writer and psychoanalyst Adam Phillips asks some tricky questions.
Another coinage
Jeremy Seabrook counts the emotional costs to migrant labour in a globalized world.
Gem in a world of rocks
What the co-op movement can do for equality, by Costa Rica's former President and Nobel Prize winner Oscar Arias Sánchez.
Action on equality
Contacts and resources.
Southern Exposure
The funeral of seven Mexican peasants killed by rightwing paramilitaries, by the great Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado.
View from the South
The 12th and final instalment of Eduardo Galeano's Windows series: Odysseys.