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The world’s biggest drug companies have been on a roll for years - making profits other manufacturers can only dream about. Bolstered by patent protection, they’ve got a captive market - and they milk it for all it’s worth. While consumers in the rich world get every conceivable kind of medicine - from the essential to the downright worthless - those who can’t pay the price must suffer. This includes a full third of the world’s people who have no access to essential drugs. Big Pharma ignores demands for cheaper drugs and works overtime to protect the status quo. The NI takes a hard look at a situation crying out for change.

November 2003, Issue 362

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The great health grab
We're being held to ransom by an industry that makes obscene profits from our wellbeing. Dinyar Godrej on the case against Big Pharma.
Pressure points
How the drug biz reacts to scandal.
Freemarket freebies
Things get decidedly sweet when drug companies approach doctors. Tamar Wilner does some sleuthing.
Peddling paranoia
Alan Cassels takes issue with disease mongering.
Epidemic, what epidemic?
Treatment for a deadly disease or a depilatory cream: Big Pharma knows which is more important. Spring Gombe explains.
Patients versus patents
The pursuit of profit is proving fatal in Thailand. Teena Amrit Gill reports.
Who cares about cancer?
Joana Ramos delves into an area of neglect.
Bucking the trend
An interview with Yves Champey, director of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative.
Health hazard
Opening the casebook of Big Pharma's dirty tricks.
Yuck, no thanks!
Don't swallow the medicine - action and resistance.
Who will police the power of local groups?; owning up to our privilege; furore over Polyp and Irish accents; don't let Cuba off the hook. PLUS: Letter from Lebanon by Reem Haddad.
Southern Exposure
The colours of pilgrimage, by Sri Lankan photographer Dominic Sansoni.
View from the South
Ike Oguine examines the legacy and the inspiration of Nelson Mandela.
South Indian villager devasted by pesticide sprayed from the air; Burma's military makes people walk across minefields; transnational mining companies threaten Indonesia's forests; slave workers in Brazil. PLUS Word Corner, Speechmarks and Seriously.
Emperor with No Clothes; Bush's Best Buddy; Hammer of Iraq (& Afghanistan, & Kosovo, & Socialism)... Tony Blair, come on down!
Mixed Media
Film, music and book reviews this month.
Making Waves
Interview with Alice Coles: US shanty dwellers whose campaign came good.
Essay - Lost in the lowlands
Nepali filmmaker Pranav Budhathoki goes under cover to report on the exploitation of migrant workers in rural England.