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Behind the immediate terror and tragedy of the attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 lie some of its causes: inequality, poverty and injustice. The New Internationalist responds to the horror of the attacks on New York and Washington.

November 2001, Issue 340

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The world holds its breath
The suicidal attacks on America were not acts of war but crimes against humanity. The New Internationalist argues that there can be no security without justice and equality.
The theatre of good and evil
Heroes exchange masks with villains - and each violent act sends us stumbling deeper into a tragedy of errors, writes Eduardo Galeano.
The price of life
Urvashi Butalia wonders why Indians were never asked by their government to stand in silence for other victims, like the gassed people in Bhopal.
My father, the fundamentalist
Farooq Tariq revisits a familar world that has changed beyond recognition.
The street-smart poor
The people have been left out of the political equation by the military dictatorship - a bad mistake, according to Aasim Sajjad and Ali Qadir.
Osama is in charge
So says Adil, an opponent of the Taliban.
The real Afghanis
In one of the last reports to reach the outside world from inside Afghanistan, Dominic Nutt listens the people who hunger and thirst beneath threatening skies.
No refuge
If Australia is anything to go by, says Chris Richards, desperate Afghanis who manage to escape will find no welcome elsewhere.
Two terrors - THE FACTS
Mark Twain could tell the difference between sudden and constant terrors; today, spelt out in figures, it looks very much the same.
A culture of life, a culture of death
Where does the resistance movement go from here? Katharine Ainger reports from a lively gathering in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Wage war on poverty
There's another war altogether that's actually worth fighting, says David Ransom.
Bitter, bitter tears
Not without reason, many people in the Arab world have come to hate US policies. Lebanese journalist Reem Haddad explains their grief.
Breath of reason, clouds of rage
Palestinian-American Susan Abulhawa cherishes her humanity above all else.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness
Diary entries from Ground Zero by Mark Engler.
America through humanity's mirror
This particular day, 11 September, resonates strangely for Ariel Dorfman, the Chilean author and playwright.
The new twin towers
Israeli Uri Avnery wants to rebuild them both - as Peace and Justice.
Justice not terror
Action: who's doing what - and how to find them.
Readers respond to the events of 11 September.
Big Bad World
George W shoots from the lip: Polyp cartoon. PLUS NI Crossword.
Mixed Media
Book, film and music reviews this month.