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Everyone’s talking about it. Homosexuality has become a political hot potato in parts of the world where 10 years ago it was said ‘not to exist’. But while some religious and national leaders in the Global South have been churning out hate speech, activists there have been busy organizing. Sexual minorities are speaking out like never before. Out against the death penalty, out against imprisonment for loving, out against violence and abuse for just being who you are - and out against all prejudice that seeks to silence, condemn and perpetuate inequality.

October 2000, Issue 328

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Out South
Gay activism is growing worldwide – especially in the Global South. But where’s the equality? asks Vanessa Baird.
Out in Africa
Shuaib Rahim reports from the country that has taken a world lead in getting legal equality for sexual minorities.
For people like us
'Indian and lesbian' is the saucy claim that's sparking a furore. Ashwini Sukthankar chronicles the controversy.
Holy hatred
Anissa Hélie examines current attitudes to sexual non-conformity in many Muslim societies.
Taboo breakers
Individuals who are giving old prejudices a shaking.
It's what you do
Men having sex with other men is not unusual, but they don't all identify as gay. Jeremy Seabrook explores the implications for HIV prevention in the South.
Angels and NGOs; should we eat whales?; only one hemp. PLUS Letter from Lebanon by Reem Haddad.
Factfile - Languages
Right now there are 6,000 lingos, but soon half of them may be gone.
View from the South
Urvashi Butalia recounts her Indian father's emotional journey back to Pakistan.
Colombia bombarded with toxic fungus; fetish slaves in Ghana; Tibet's gas guzzlers; hunger in Venezuela; the forests the Khmer Rouge left behind; Pinochet's credit card. PLUS Polyp's Big Bad World cartoon.
World news
Snippets from around the globe.
The warpath is a natural route for Madeleine Albright, who truly believes in 'the goodness of American power'.
Ether Street
Baseball bats, teddy bears and US foreign policy. PLUS NI Crossword.
Mixed Media
Book, film and music reviews this month.
Essay - The hack and flack machine
David Cromwell reveals how important environmental issues get systematically twisted.