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Redesigning the global economy

The time is right to bend our backs and rebuild the financial system so that it benefits us all, not just a narrow élite. The New Internationalist explains how.

January 2000, Issue 320

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Redesigning the global economy
The time is ripe for an international financial system that puts people first, says Wayne Ellwood.
Dogmatists in dark suits
We can't live with the International Monetary Fund. But can we live without it? By Duncan Green.
Africa's hidden killers
Mark Lynas on the effects of structural adjustment in Zambia.
Money mavericks
A clutch of economic critics who’ve dared to be different.
Ousting the oligarchs
An interview with Jane D’Arista on her idea for an International Clearing Bank.
Dollars and dinars
Ellen Frank wants to remove the control of money from the hands of the rich.
Time for Tobin!
A layperson’s guide to the Tobin Tax. By Robin Round.
Mass Attac
Sputnik Kilambi reports from Paris on the birth of a citizen’s movement against financial speculation.
Rewriting the rules
An alternative investment treaty could help rein in global corporations, argues Tony Clarke.
The Lugano Report
A disturbing glimpse into the murky future of capitalism.
Trade now, pay later
Learn from your enemy, advises environmentalist Steven Shrybman.
Back from the grave
Lily Hyde warns that Westernization in the Ukraine may spawn further Chernobyls.
Solving insolvency
An international debt court is needed now, argues Wayne Ellwood.
Peruvian kids fight debt. By Stephanie Boyd.
News from around the world this month.
Chronicle of 1999
A look back at the year's major events from the NI's unique and unpredictable perspective.