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Did you know that Iraq is still being bombed almost daily? That the United Nations sanctions are causing the deaths of some 250 people every day - the majority of them children under five? That doctors earn $2 a month - the price of four cans of Coca-Cola? Or that depleted uranium from the weapons used during the Gulf War is reputed to be causing a sevenfold rise in cancers? In this issue we journey through the country to meet the people of Iraq - doctors, academics, farmers, priests, engineers, artists and government ministers - and listen to the voices the world ignores.

September 1999, Issue 316

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Iraq: the pride and the pain
Nikki van der Gaag finds that human rights have a different meaning when viewed from Baghdad.
Interview with Nikki van der Gaag
Nick Francis from SpeakIt Radio talks to this month's editor about her trip to Iraq and what she learned from it.
Arguments against the bombing
A poem by Lisa Suhair Majaj.
Poisoned legacy
Felicity Arbuthnot investigates the silent death that lingers after the shells have fallen.
By the rivers of Babylon
The abandoned palaces of the cradle of civilization.
Secrets and spies
Ian Williams interviews Scott Ritter, ex-United Nations arms inspector.
Life in the danger zone
Their wages reduced to $2.00 a month by sanctions, how do people manage to survive? Nikki van der Gaag finds out.
Sinbad the artist
An encounter with Mohamed Ghani, one of Iraq's most famous sculptors.
Uncertain future
Sarah Graham-Brown explains the Kurds' complex relationship with the Iraqi government.
Iraq: a history
of the land known as Mesopotamia.
Tales from the road
Travelling by bus through the desert is no joke, as Nikki van der Gaag discovers.
Voices in the wilderness
Speaking out against the sanctions.
Editor's letter
Stories in the news this month.
The NI Interview with Natasha Shulepina
Eric Walberg profiles a journalist fighting on the frontiers of media freedom in Uzbekistan.
By Eric Nagler.