New Internationalist

Many of the greatest social and political achievements of the century, and many of the things humanity values most about itself, derive directly from the hard work and imagination of protest and resistance movements. This issue reveals that events are shaped as much by the masses as by ‘great’ leaders.

January 1999, Issue 309

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The Radical Twentieth Century
The century is being hijacked. Time to reclaim it, says Chris Brazier.
A bunch of fives
From unsung martyrs to big ideas, from dangerous corporations to ridiculous wars, here is the century in lists of five.
The heart of Africa
Amid attempts to wrestle with conflict in Burundi and DR Congo, former Tanzanian leader Julius Nyerere reflects with Ikaweba Bunting on an anti-colonial life.
The powerboat and the planet
The New Internationalist looks back over the brief but vibrant histotry of the environmental movement.
Domestic murder and the golden sea
India's Urvashi Butalia starts her journey through the women's century by recalling an incident chillingly close to home.
After the eclipse
The labour movement has seen revolution, reform and apparent defeat. But the best is yet to come, argues Jeremy Seabrook.
No more war heroes
Few people escaped war and its ravages entirely. But the peace movement still made a difference, believes Dorothy Thompson.
Betrayal and promise
Pre-millennial blues are understandable given the state we're in, says Eduardo Galleano. But there's plenty of hope of redemption out there if only you will look.
Big bad century
Come ouf from under that desk, barks cartoonist P J Polyp - this is what we've all been waiting for, this is... The Exponential Century.
Heaven, hell and spring sunshine
Chris Brazier writes a postscript for the twentieth century - and burrows into the gaping cracks in the new world order.
Chronicle of 1998
An alternative view of the year's events, with special features on Indonesia, weather, the Middle East, international justice, DR Congo, Iraq and alternative prizewinners.
The bombing of Iraq
Why the bombing of Iraq, and the silence of the politicians, drove Mari Marcel Thekaekara to distraction.
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