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The last colony in Africa - its people have been denied their right to self-determination. The land is occupied by Morocco, whose king still holds absolute power and suppresses all opposition. New Internationalist travels across the desert wastes to meet the liberation army and the Saharawis who have been living in refugee camps in Algeria for more than two decades.

December 1997, Issue 297

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State of Fear
Chris Brazier's desert journey begins with an uncomfortable encounter with the secret police in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara.
Western Sahara: a map
Occupied land, liberated zones, refugee camps.
Simply: Western Sahara history
Moma's choice
Young Saharawi women seize a new role with both hands... while Western Sahara's most powerful woman talks about a personal tragedy.
Up against the wall
Into the zones held by Polisario's liberation army... Morocco's fortified wall... underground hospitals and the world's most informed army.
Catastrophe and cavalry
The sorry state of the UN in Western Sahara from bias, intimidation and pusillanimity to last-ditch rescue. Illustrated by Anne Cakebread.
Light in the darkness
Peace seems closer than ever. But is it really going to happen? And if it does, what kind of country will Western Sahara be?
The President-in-waiting
An interview with the President of Western Sahara, Muhammad Abdelaziz.
How two children from the camps were hosted by the Woodcraft Folk in Scotland and Wales.
Action on Western Sahara
Letter from Colombia
The latest news from around the globe.
The NI Interview: Angelica Alvarez Cerda
Richard Swift talks to a Chilean activist fighting for fruit pickers.
Books and films, plus an Edward Said classic.
NI Crossword