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This year, 1996, is the international year for the eradication of poverty and 17 October is the official UN Day set aside to mark it. At the same time, foreign-aid budgets are being slashed and aid agencies around the world are finding it harder than ever to raise funds. Such small amounts of foreign aid actually reach poor people (on average about $8 each every year), and such large amounts are misused, that doubts are being cast on the future of the whole operation. The NI takes a hard look at an ‘industry’ in crisis.

November 1996, Issue 285

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The poverty of aid
'Official development assistance' - aid - is being cut to ribbons and may not survive at all. David Ransom reports on the causes and the consequences of an unnatural disaster.
The great escape
'Official development assistance' has been tied to private enterprise. It's in need of liberation - and the keys that could set it free are within our grasp.
Republic Of The Landless
Carlos Tautz reports on a movement of the dispossessed in Brazil that believes you can only travel far if you use your own feet.
Does aid matter?
North and South, all agree there's a crisis - but the diagnoses differ widely. David Ransom samples opinion.
Mea Culpa Run Riot
Maggie Black crosses swords with the ‘developmenteers’.
Aid - the facts
The point of aid is to tackle poverty. But it has failed to do so. Targets have been missed and promises have been broken - and now official aid is being cut back to the lowest level in 20 years.
Pulling The Plug
Canadians have long been exemplary donors – the ‘Scandinavians of North America’. Mark Fried watches as the Government changes course and aims to hit rock bottom.
Both Eyes Open
Manomi Suzuki explains why the Japanese people must watch what the world’s largest donor gets up to.
No Tears For Theogen
The world’s aid agencies had to be there, but the Government of Rwanda wasn’t always pleased to see them and lots of people got left out. John Le Fevre witnessed how easily things can go wrong.
A New Raj Dawning
Mari Marcel Thekaekara warns of mounting anger against the injustices that aid brings with it.
Official Aid - a brief history
New world orders and theories of aid have come and gone - but old world problems have persisted all the while.
Demand and supply
Steve Hellinger has spent many years trying to make aid work better. He now says it’s time to take sides: the major aid institutions have to demonstrate that they are worthy of continued support. He spoke with David Ransom.
These are umbrella groups, which are a good first port of call for the debate on aid.