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In a world which grows more than enough food to feed everyone, 35,000 people die of hunger each day. Food is one of our basic needs, but our right to have enough to eat is not recognized everywhere. This month NI asks the simple question ‘why are people still hungry?’ and finds the usual answers indefensible. We tell the stories of people from different parts of the world fighting the politics of greed in their efforts to overcome hunger.

May 1995, Issue 267

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Hunger in a world of plenty
Eight hundred million people don't have enough to eat because they can't pay the price. Dinyar Godrej argues the case for change.
A poem from Sierra Leonean poet Syl Cheney-Coker.
Fields of Memory
Experience and persistence bear fruit in Tigray, Ethiopia. Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher sees he greening of the terraces.
Attack of the shrimps
There's a crustacean on the loose in coastal Bangladesh and it's hitting people where it hurts. Philip Gain investigates.
The cost of living
Why is Mary always hungry? A short story from Pakistan by Maria del Nevo.
Forbidden territory
Broken promises in the Philippines.
Captured by the Company
Like an oil slick, the Company has spread around the world. Brewster Kneen takes stock of the mess.
Crap Dinner and the Good Food Box
Murray MacAdam discovers that Toronto's poor now have a chance.
Jacqueline's garden
It doesn't grow flowers and it's not really a garden, but for some of Sao Paulo's hungry, it offers hope. Alex Shankland reports on Brazil's Campaign Against Hunger.
Plus Letter from Russia
The NI interview - Sarah Schulman
Vanessa Baird meets a subversive with a sense of humour.
Plus an Andy Goldsworthy classic.
Country Profile
Ukraine under the spotlight.
By Ian Kentzer