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The end of the beginning… or the beginning of the end? In a world where environmental problems multiply, corporations are transnational and countries trade en bloc, a strong and healthy United Nations is needed more than ever. But instead the UN is dominated by the US and its responses to crises are often hamfisted or ineffectual. The NI examines the UN’s record - and decides if it is worth saving.

December 1994, Issue 262

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Winds of change
Chris Brazier examines whether the UN can be reformed - or whether the cracks in it are too deep to be mended.
Heroes and villains
The history of the UN, seen through the personalities of its Secretaries-General.
Flashlights over Mogadishu
Should the UN have intervened in Somalia? Yes, but in a very different way, says Mohamed Sahnoun, who was the UN's envoy there.
School's out!
The NI marks the end-of-term erport cards of major UN agencies like UNICEF and FAO.
What on earth were they doing?
Asks Lindsey Hilsum, who witnessed the UN's peacekeeping performance in Rwanda.
Caring, cocktails and cartoons
What do people on the receiving end think about UN development? Meghna Guhathakurta reports from Bangladesh.
The new deal
Mahbub ul-Haq has made waves at the UN, pushing his own version of 'human development'. In this NI interview, he lays out his recipes for reforming the system - and the world beyond.
Navigating UN reform
Your chance to reform the Security Council. See if you can pilot your peacekeeping truck along the right path through a city where snipers and car bombs lurk.
Death of a dinosaur
Richard Gott reads the UN's last rites.
Fudging, mudging and a thousand flowers
Are UN conferences just talking shops or are they steering wheels for the world? Maggie Black sifts the evidence.
News from around the world.
Film, book and music reviews
Including a Jaroslav Hasek classic.
By Alison Napier.