New Internationalist

THE ARMS TRADE: Lethal lies

Shrouded in secrecy and deceit, the trade in weapons is well-protected at the highest levels. What can be done to stop it?

November 1994, Issue 261

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Lethal lies
The murky world of the arms trade escapes public scrutiny most of the time. Vanessa Baird visits Somalia, where its bloody consequences are all too apparent, and asks what can be done in a world awash with weapons.
That's the way the money goes
A cartoon strip on how you finance the arms trade.
They have ways of keep journalists quiet. David Hellier tells the story of how he tried to expose links between the government and arms dealers.
Inheritance of absence
What does it take to be a soldier? Susan Griffin digs deep into psyche and nature.
Tyrants for clients
Human rights abusers make the best clients for arms-selling nations.
Nukes on the loose
Almost anyone can get their hands on nuclear weapons these days. And the Big Five do not like it. Darius Bazargan seeks a non-hypocritical way of halting the spread.
A pathology of militarism
A report from the eminent Dr RS Bloom, MD, MRCP.
Hands of lead, feet of clay
Novelist Jamal Mahjoub writes a short story.
A weapons dealer gives an insider account.
Making peace
How can we turn a world geared for war into one that will make peace possible?
The arms trade: Action
Things you can do and groups you can contact.
Including the ongoing Nestlé boycott.
Music, film and book releases, plus an Abdullah Ibrahim classic.
By Victor Fung.