New Internationalist

The politics of housework

Life sentence: women’s responsibility for housework is the major reason for inequality between the sexes.

March 1988, Issue 181

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Life sentence
Debbie Taylor argues that women are slaves to domestic work. And that men must help set them free.
Housework myths
Do housewives really have lots of free time? Do housewives make the best mothers? Does cleaning keep the germs away?
On nagging
Reformed nagger Juliet Kellner looks back on years of lonely protest.
Doin’ what comes nat’rally
If a job is done by a woman it is automatically classed as unskilled, according to Anne Phillips.
Housework - THE FACTS
Overworked, undervalued. The facts and stats on housework.
Wages for housework
Zoë Fairbairns wonders why feminists would rather pay a cleaner than insist that men help with the housework.
Occupation: housewife
Job description, pay and conditions.
Where there is no hoover
Rural women get a better deal than urban housewives. A report from Zimbabwe by Yvonne St Clare.
Passing the buck
Judith Ramirez talks to Debbie Taylor about the revival of the slave trade in Canada.
No time to spare
Ben White summarizes the research on how women in the Third World spend their time.
Sunrise, sunset
One woman’s day in the Philippines by Julie Eastwood.
Is he house trained?
Ben McNaughton argues that men who don’t clear up in the home are the major polluters of our planet.
Simply: Evolution of the housewife
Today’s world is dominated by a new species of human being: homo economicus. This species is found mainly in modern industrial societies but is taking an increasingly strong hold in developing countries too.
Dam schemes in India, the US in Bolivia, asbestos exports, child mortality and Australia’s selective memory.
South Korea, international debt, the logic of the free market and more.
Cluster bombs in a sorghum field; relief trucks camouflaged from the sharp eyes of patrolling jet pilots. Richard Swift reports from famine-torn Eritrea.
Country Profile
Netherland Antilles
Film, books and music including Empire of the Sun, Disabled village children and Latin Quarter.
Including gay rights and Thatcher’s patriarchy as well as another Letter from China.