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Shipping bags of grain when disaster strikes is necessary, but it never solves the problem. In Africa there persists a quiet hunger which last long after the dust of the latest emergency has settled. In this issue, New Internationalist looks at the hunger behind the headlines.

September 1985, Issue 151

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A quiet hunger
In the village, people's food was running out and the rains still hadn't come. Chris Brazier hears about the hunger behind headlines and suggests how we can all help feed the world.
How to feed the world: 1. Give back the land
Brazil's plan to share out the land more fairly has opened up a Pandora's box of conflict between rich and poor. Sue Branford reports.
2. Don't use aid as a weapon
Enver Carim shows how Ethiopia's hungry children are pawns in the superpowers' game.
4. Control the corporations
When cousin Antonio came to call it wasn't out of love - and the blood of the condor was spilt. A short story by Dennis Gruending.
5. Recognize women as farmers
An African woman speaks of life and work, of millet and manhood.
6. Aim for social justice
Mamadou's harvest is not all his own - Nigel Twose and Chris Roche explain how some of it falls into the chasm between rich and poor.
7. Stop using money against the poor
Belinda Coote attacks the West's export of monetarism, which is sending countries like Jamaica on the slide.
Three myths about world hunger
Is there enough food? Is population, weather or science to blame for famine? New Internationalist replies to some myths about world hunger.
8. Put food first
Nicaragua has tried to grow more food but has found itself under fire. Joe Collins reports.
9. Create a safety net
Feasts in the North and famine in the South. John Tanner asks why we allow this to go on.
Hungry for change
How we can all help - and further reading.
Stories in the news this month.
News nuggets.
Books - from famine to the uses of literacy.