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Despite three decades of official development aid, 800 million people in the Third World now live in absolute poverty. A fresh look at how aid is given and who reaps the benefits is long overdue.

August 1983, Issue 126

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Reaching the poorest - six rules for real aid
Glen Williams assumes the role of Harry Hapgood, a fictitious aid official who sets the cat among the pigeons at the Overseas Development Office.
Rule One: Aim at the poorest
Paul Streeten argues the case for targeting aid on the needs of the poorest 40 per cent.
Rule Two: Mobilize the poor
Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay illustrates how aid can help poor people devlop their own forms of organizationl
Rule Three: Fit aid to countries
Peter Stalker urges donors to tailor thie aid to political realities in the Third World.
Rule Four: Rebuild the aid machine
Government aid funds can directly assist grassroots development. Richard Kazis explains how.
Rule Five: Abolish sham aid
Adrian Hewett tells how real aid is eroded by 'mixed credit' deals to promote rich country exports.
Rule Six: Have an independent audit
Independent evaluations are needed to check whether aid projects match up to the rhetoric. A report from Kaye Bysouth.
Real aid - making it happen
John Clark outlines a campaign strategy.
Boomerang aid
A cartoon by Clive Offley.
News from around the world this month.
Taking issue - the money man
Ashok Mitra's monthly column looks at one Indian family's financial adventure
Ideas for action
Ways to get involved.
New books and classics
Including Jane Eyre... being the book that showed women and children how to challenge authority.