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Issue 088 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

June 1980

June 1980 - Issue 088 - The rich, the poor and the pregnant

On this day, 300,000 women had a baby, and 120,000 had an abortion. What such figures add up to is the need for family planning to be made available to all who want it - not to reduce the numbers of the poor, but to give them more control over their own health and their own lives. We look at the intricate links between poverty and family planning.


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Included in this issue

The Rich, the Poor and the Pregnant

Issue editor *Peter Adamson* on why the value of the condom, loop and pill rests not in reducing the quantity of people but in...
Small Change in Zaire

Small Change in Zaire

The Zaire Government has taken Milton Friedman's fashionable ideas on monetarism to a crude extreme.
Consuming and Conceiving

Consuming and Conceiving

First the good news.
War Boom

War Boom

There's really no cure for economic recession quite like war. It's fast, simple and it works.

The Sun and its Planets

Deserting the Adivasis

Deserting the Adivasis

Nearly five million members of the Adivasis tribe in India's Bihar State may be threatened with extinction if commer

Staying in the Race

Michelin Bounces Back

Birth Rights

Birth Rights

*Bob Hawkins* reports from Singapore - where sterilisation laws sail close to compulsion.
Silkworms and Socialism

Silkworms and Socialism

*Wayne Ellwood* looks at the Cuban exodus from the point of view of those who stayed behind.

Sex and the Third World Woman

Report by *Debbie Taylor*.

The Great Birth Gamble

Nearly a million women became pregnant today. What happens to them:-

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