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The Third World has been on the receiving end of foreign aid from Western and Communist nations for over three decades. New Internationalist considers whether it can ever be a cure for underdevelopment.

December 1979, Issue 082

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The aid link
Are we really helping the developing world or is overseas aid a waste for the people it’s meant to help and Western taxpayers?
Keeping the patient alive
Wayne Ellwood questions whether foreign aid can ever be the panacea for Third World poverty.
Foreign aid - the facts
The ins and outs of aid. Who gives what and why.
Foreign aid builds a new trojan horse
Foreign aid aimed at rural development and meeting basic needs sounds like a perfect combination. But as Robert Carty argues, in practice this 'new' development approach is not all it appears.
Smothered with kindness
Too much 'kindness' can cause problems. Brian Murphy looks at how Lesotho, a tiny African nation perched on the South African border, copes with a flood of aid-funded projects.
Deferring tough decisions
A New Internationalist special correspondent reports on Indonesia’s concentration on big-budget growth.
The draining away of aid
What starts out a veritable torrent of aid can end up a trickle. Richard Willson illustrates.
Questions to ask about an aid project
A blueprint for successful small-scale development aid. By the Institute For Food and Development Policy.
Up from under in Bangladesh
Flora Moon examines an aid-assisted rural development scheme run by village women in Bangladesh.
Going it alone in Botswana
Steve Seaborn reports on a Botswana weaving co-operative aimed at building self-reliance.
Food confusion
Food aid seems to have everything going for it. The only problem is it doesn't seem to work. Peter Stalker looks at the evidence.
Aid off the mark
Where ties between the aid donor and recipient are strong, distorted development is hard to avoid. Robin Osborne examines Papua New Guinea's relationship with Australia.
Book review - An African Abstract
Susan Hurlich and Paul Puritt consider a new book which helps make Africa accessible.
News from around the globe.
Readers' Letters