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Issue 081 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

November 1979


In developing countries the most important source of wealth is the land. Yet its distribution is notoriously unjust and the number of peasants without land is rapidly increasing. At the same time, the Third World is increasingly being used to supply luxury crops to the rich countries, while becoming dependent on importing basic foodstuffs from the West. We look at the causes of inequality and possible ways for reform.


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Included in this issue

The Frontline Village

Redistribution land can cause serious problems between one group of rural workers and another. *NEERJA CHOWDHURY* reports from an...

Burning of the Brides

For Satyarani Chaddha life will never be the same after March 17 this year when she saw her 24-year-old pregnant daughter burnt...

Life without Land

*JENNEKE ARENS* and *JOS VAN BEURDEN* talk to a labourer in Bangladesh who has to survive by working on other people’s land.

The Forgotten Workers

*JOE HANLON* interviews *ACHOLA PALA OKEYO* who believes that there is little chance of useful agrarian reform while planners...
The Seeds of Disaster

The Seeds of Disaster

Global seed distribution has now passed into the hands of the huge agrichemical companies. *PAT MOONEY* explains how this is...

The Ties that Bind

A cartoon by *RICHARD WILLSON*

The Modernisation Game

Modernising agriculture usually means drawing peasant farmers further into the cash economy. But *CHERYL PAYER* argues far from...

Land use in the Third World

A guide to land holdings and land reform in developing countries - the facts and figures.

Growing Inequality

*PETER STALKER* looks at the divide between rich and poor in the Third World countryside and at the chances for successful land...
Also worth reading on Land

Also worth reading on Land

Five books on Land
Rural Women at Work

Rural Women at Work

Dixon proposes that non-agricultural work for women is a hopeful, productive answer to the self-perpetuating syndrome of rural...
Dubious Sentinel: Canada and the World Military Order

Dubious Sentinel: Canada and the World Military Order

A file-style compendium of seven dossiers on militarism, this kit offers a wealth of data and research in quite digestible form.

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