New Internationalist

August 1976, Issue 042

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Meeting the basic needs of all
The ins and outs of a new approach to world development.
Hope on the horizon
Michael McLean describes the evidence which now demands a change in the basic strategy of world development, and argues that the 'basic needs' approach is the only hope left for the world's poor.
Food first
Frances Moor Lappé and Joseph Collins take on the six major myths of the world food crisis and put forward six preconditions for meeting the world's basic need for food.
Pushing through the week
Ruth Seitz talks to Margaret Mumbua - one of the estimated 1,000 million people who lack the basic necessities of life.
The house that Raj Kumar built
Ben D'Souza asks why subsidized low-cost housing programmes in the Third World are benefiting the already well off and describes the alarming gulf between the poor and those who plan for them.
Calling off the bulldozers
Jeremy Bugler reports from Vancouver on the 'self-help' housing arrangement that was the 'HABITAT' Conference's main contribution to meeting the housing needs of the poor.
Consult the people - afterwards
In conjunction with HABITAT, the International Federation of Architects sponsored an international architects competition for a Third World housing scheme to be built in the Tondo aread of Manila, Philippines. Maggie Black looks at the shadier side of a scheme already well-lit by international publicity.
The money just didn't go round...
Sue Branford talks to Antonieta de Souza Alcantata, one of 100,000 people living in a favela near Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The energy to live
A New Internationalist Special Report on one of the Third World's most urgent needs - everyday energy.
Basic needs in Britain
The Third World exists wherever poverty and powerlessness deprive people of the means to meet their basic needs. In a Special Report on unmet needs in the United Kingdom, members of Campaign Cooperative report on the struggle of Britain's poor to meet their basic needs for food, housing and warmth.
Book reviews
Uhuru in Kenya - Barbara Clark reviews a new novel by Kenyan author James Ngugi, and Brian O'Connor reviews The Classic Slum, an account of life in Salford in the 1930s.
Readers' Letters