New Internationalist

The looting of a small planet - and why there are two environmental crises: one of ‘too much’ and one of ‘too little’.

June 1976, Issue 040

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This is your captain speaking
A special message to the passengers of spaceship Earth.
Editorial: a tale of two crises
As the developed world faces an environmental crisis of 'too much', the developing world is suffering a crisis of 'too little'.
You have been warned
Patrick Rivers on the dangers of over-development.
The Third World environment
A special New Internationalist report on water, energy and soil - the ignored environmental crises of the Third World.
Power to the poor
The kind of environment and the kind of society being created by the developing countries depends largely on the technology they choose for the job of development.
The inheritors
Children from five continents on 'what we want when we're 40'.
The best environmental pictures of the year
The environment as seen through the lenses of 10 of the world's top photographers.
Happy new thousand years
The date is January 1st 2000AD and every newspaper editorial in the world is looking back on 2,000 years of human history. This particular editorial looks at the most momentous chapter - the last 25 years.
The best of both worlds
An 'environmental fiction' short story specially written for New Internationalist by best-selling science fiction writer John Brunner.
Schools brief: Don't waste away the earth
John Tinker writes on our immediate environment and what we can do about it.
Join the waste savers
A report from a converted textile mill in Huddersfield on a new Oxfam action for the environment and for development.
Geoffrey Lean reviews Barbara Ward's new book Home of Man.
Letters from readers