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Less talk, more wind!

Wind power workers are blowing up a storm, discovers Danny Chivers.

Life without the car

Chris Richards goes cold turkey in her umpteenth attempt to do without her car – and fumes about the structure of modern life that makes the task so hard.

Climate radio

Jess Worth talks about the NI magazine on the Arctic with Climate Radio.

Right to return

Leah Williams recently visited a refugee camp in Lebanon, where she met Palestinians still waiting to return to a homeland many of them have never seen.

Out of the barracks

A military coup in Honduras puts Latin America’s fragile democracy in peril, reports Richard Swift.

Obama and the denial of genocide

This April, Barack Obama broke campaign promise #511, namely to explicitly acknowledge the Armenian genocide as US President. Mickey Z gets writer-activist David Boyajian’s take on the new President’s approach.

You are being watched

Police surveillance and intimidation of political activists is hitting new heights. Olly Zanetti dodges the long lenses to expose Big Brother’s latest attack on the right to protest.

Battle lines drawn over the Amazon

Legitimate indigenous protests against Peru’s latest free trade agreements have led to bloodshed following the Government’s decision to send in the military. Ben Powless reports.

Absolute friends

The largest solidarity movement between two peoples offers hope in Western Sahara, writes Paul Rigg.

Boycott meets girl

Shopping causes all sorts of moral dilemmas when goods are labelled ‘West Bank’, bemoans Anna Chen.

Who's Left?

Anna Chen wonders quite what the difference is between Right and Left.

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