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Action on Palestine

Issue 400

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Civil society is waking up to the one-sided support for Israel’s 40-year-long occupation of Palestinian society. From Melbourne to Montreal citizens are organizing against a policy which even former US President Jimmy Carter now sees as a kind of apartheid. They are rallying against a wall that is really a land grab, against military checkpoints and housing demolitions, against thousands of Palestinian political activists rotting in Israeli jails. In Britain there is even a coalition called Enough! that brings together all major British trade unions, campaigns organizations and charities plus faith groups from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities. Forty years is indeed Enough! Justice for Palestine needs to become more than a set of pat diplomatic phrases.

Get involved in the Global Day of Action on Palestine on 9 June 2007. Contact one of the organizations below for events near you.

CAMPAIGNS Stop the Wall – Stop Arming Israel – End the occupation – Boycott Israeli Goods – Israeli/Palestinian peace group – Gush Shalom (Israeli peace group) –

PALESTINE SOLIDARITY International Australia Britain Canada Ireland New Zealand/Aotearoa – United States

HEALTH Medical Aid to Palestine (UK)– Medical Aid to Palestine (Canada) –


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