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The Perils of Charity

When rich and poor worlds collide, money is inevitably a problem.

Filed in: Burkina Faso, Poverty and Society

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Autumn of the Patriarch

The latest instalment in the lives of Adama, his four co-wives and their 26 children.

Filed in: Burkina Faso and Society

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An Audience with the Chief

Former military pilot François Moné has taken on the traditional role of Chief. He explains how he is using this to pursue the development of the village.

Filed in: Burkina Faso, Politics and Society

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Great Expectations

Mariama’s sons are all trying to make their way in the wider world. But how do you explain to Africans that the rich world is now shutting its doors to migrants?

Filed in: Burkina Faso and Society

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Journey's End

Chris Brazier returns to the village in Burkina Faso that he has visited every 10 years since helping to make a film there in 1985.

Filed in: Burkina Faso and Society

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Then & Now

A photographic account of changes over the years in: housing; water; education; health; sanitation; food and farming; technology; and women.

Filed in: Burkina Faso, Development (Aid), Education, Housing, Society and Water

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Sabtenga: modernization knocks on the gates of tradition

Chris Brazier’s full interview with François Moné, the village’s latest Chief.

Filed in: Burkina Faso

An African Village

From this month’s editor.

An African Village

From this month’s editor…

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Ending the offshore bonanza

There are ways to change the irresponsible system of tax avoidance, as Niko Block demonstrates.

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The dictionary of deceit

New Internationalist dissects the language of high finance with low motives.

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