Join our live events!

Join us in Glasgow on Friday 15 September, or online on Monday 25 September for thought-provoking discussions on decolonization, our latest issue, and more.

New Internationalist is excited to invite you to two upcoming events based on our recent Decolonize How? series.

Our year-long series, which explored what it means to ‘decolonize’ and confront the legacy of British imperialism, is soon coming to an end.

To wrap it up, we have organized two events to discuss these pressing global issues, and whether you're in Glasgow or anywhere else in the world, we have opportunities for you to meet us and.

We have organized one in-person event in Glasgow, and one online event for people all over the world, and are thrilled to invite our readers to free of charge.

Here are more details:

In-person event in Glasgow: Decolonize How?

Date and Location: Friday, 15th September, 7pm, at Milk Cafe, 452 Victoria Road, Glasgow, G42 8YU

The impacts of colonialism are not a thing of the past – they are very much part of our present and future. This event will explore what it could mean to reckon with this and why it is essential to building a more just future.

We will also be launching our new ‘NI meet ups’ – reader-led groups where people can get together, discuss the content of our latest magazine and get to know each other. Free food will be provided at 7pm.

This will be followed by New Internationalist co-editor Amy Hall in conversation with Tommy J Curry from the Decolonised Transformations project at the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow based journalist Enas Magzoub.

Later, there will be a group discussion around the themes of the talk and our new magazine Decolonize Now, and the wider Decolonize How? series. There will be time for drinks and chat at the end.

Places are limited so registration via this event page is essential.

 Decolonize How in Glasgow

Online event: Time to Pay Up

Date and Time options: Monday, 25th September, with two sessions available:

Formerly colonized nations grapple with crippling debts that hinder public services and climate change mitigation efforts.

This online event on 25 September will delve into global debt, climate justice, and the legacy of colonialism. Engage with our esteemed speakers, participate in discussions, and explore topics from our latest issue, Decolonize Now.

We'll also introduce our ‘NI meet ups,’ providing readers with a platform to discuss magazine content and connect with global citizens. For those who prefer in-person engagement, remember that we'll be in Glasgow on 15 September.

Join New Internationalist for these crucial conversations as we collectively strive for a more equitable future.