We’ve saved New Internationalist’s stories

When the pandemic threw our future into uncertainty we turned to our readers and co-owners for help. Over 1,800 people answered the call.

We did it! Thanks to the incredible support of our readers and supporters we have raised £350,000 in investment to fund New Internationalist’s Covid-19 rescue-plan and save our stories.

It’s been quite a roller-coaster but throughout this campaign our team has really felt like we are part of a community of friends – all rooting for the same thing. (We know we are not the only ones who’ve been obsessively refreshing that crowdfunder page!) The support of our co-owners – old and new – has really propelled us through. 

Our international community of co-owners has grown across continents, languages and time zones. It’s such a powerful antidote – not just to the consolidation of media ownership, but also to the isolationism and nationalism we see so often in world politics.

It’s also been amazing to have so much solidarity from other independent media – Red Pepper, Byline Times, Real Media and the Bristol Cable have all published articles about the share offer, or posted about it on social media. On Tuesday Co-op News published an interview with our Co-editor Amy: ‘Five decades of social and environmental journalism’.

All our readers investments and efforts to promote the share offer not only secured our future, but enabled us to embark on our plan to build up our campaigning journalism, reinvent the way we sell and distribute magazines and ultimately get subscription numbers to the amount we need to be self-sustaining – and much, much more!

Together we can ensure that many more readers across the globe have access to independent journalism that promotes dialogue and debate – as well as offers a roadmap to a more equal world.

We are overjoyed to be adventuring into the next 50 years of New Internationalist as an international co-operative of over 4,000 people.