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Why I contribute to New Internationalist

Julio learning to pound coffee, trained by Halume, a partner of the Bezamar fair-trade agricultural co-operative in the Masha region of Ethiopia, shot by another of their partners in 2012.
Credit: Bezamar co-op

Life has never been easy for freelance photojournalists. Before we even start packing cameras and the rest of our gear, we have to research and budget our ideas, pitch them to editors and wait till we have their confirmation in advance to go ahead.

That is, unless you are wealthy and/or imprudent enough to proceed and ‘do it on spec’ in the hope that you are going to find a kind soul who will publish your material upon your return.

Either way, it is a time-consuming, often frustrating, and definitely a perilous profession. The main redeeming aspect is seeing your finished reportage put out in an attractive and professional way by a publisher that comprehends and advances your ideas. One that recognizes the importance of stories that are not covered by the mainstream media, but which are equally valuable and worthy of dissemination.

New Internationalist is one such publisher, with the unique asset of having functioned as a co-operative for decades and its editorial team taking it in turns to oversee each monthly issue on a rota basis. Also owned by thousands of its readers across the world, that democratic and collective model gives them the freedom to share ideas and spend time engaging with marginalized communities across the globe, whose stories are rarely heard and giving them a platform.

I have been a contributor to the New Internationalist for many years, and I have always encountered a keen and sympathetic ear to my proposals from its editorial team, as well as a supportive and creative reception to my reporting.

This is why I am backing New Internationalist’s community share offer. Like many other alternative media outlets, they have been hit hard by the pandemic but it’s important to protect independent media organizations that tell the stories you won’t see elsewhere.

I would encourage everyone to please support their fundraising effort by becoming a co-owner and save their (and our) stories!

Before you go...
The world needs honest and in-depth international journalism – alongside a vision for change and hope for the future. This is what New Internationalist has been doing for nearly 50 years.
A stark contrast to a mainstream media backed by billionaires, New Internationalist is owned by 3,600 readers who share our values. And we’d love you to join us.
Like many media organizations, our income has been battered by the impacts of the pandemic. We’re going to need a boost to make it through what comes next.
That’s why we’re running a community share offer, raising investment to put our exciting Covid rescue-plan into action and grow our international community of co-owners. We have until 1 June to reach our £350,000 target. If you want to find out more about how you can Save Our Stories, go to our campaign page: saveourstories.info


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