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(c) John S Pritchett

Move over Murdoch. The mini-media moguls are here.


Here’s something you might not know about us. In contrast the mainstream media – powered by billionaire proprietors and corporate backers, New Internationalist is owned by 3,600 of its readers, spread across 42 countries.

Right now, we are on a mission to grow the New Internationalist family – and fund our Covid rescue-plan.

We are doing this because for nearly 50 years, our indy magazine has been dedicated to journalism for justice. We give the full story, demystify the complexity of the world – and provide you with the tools to change it.

But at a time when the stories we tell – how to eliminate hunger, stop the biodiversity emergency or protect democracy – are as important as ever, our future is at risk. To keep publishing, we have worked out we need to raise £350,000. We are turning to our readers for help with our Save our Stories campaign.

It’s off to a great start. We are excited to announce that we are over 20 per cent of the way towards our target, with over 350 international investors from as far afield as South Africa, Bangladesh, Australia and Ireland – showing the truly global New Internationalist community.

Sharing what you value

We’ve been incredibly touched by the messages of support we have been receiving throughout the campaign. It’s wonderful to see how much New Internationalist has had such a positive impact on people’s lives.

People like Annie, who wrote on our fundraising page, ‘NI: Thanks for helping me get through this last year with perspective and compassion. What we would do without you?! Thanks for keeping it real :-)’

And Bryony who wrote, ‘I can't imagine life without the New Internationalist, so thank you for giving us this opportunity to help the organisation to survive this.’

People-powered journalism

Many media organizations have been fighting for survival due to the impacts of the pandemic and New Internationalist is no exception. When Covid-19 hit we were cut off from our most effective way of recruiting new subscribers – face-to-face conversations with would-be readers at festivals, conferences and on university campuses.

We don’t have a billionaire backer – we are a multi-stakeholder co-operative. People-power is our strength. So we’re inviting you – our readers online and in print – to come on board and buy community shares in our journalism, to help power our future.

Community shares are withdrawable share capital. Rather than profit being the primary motivating factor, the focus is investing in the kind of world – or the kind of media, you would like to see thrive.

When you buy shares in New Internationalist, you become one of our co-owners, charged with making sure we never stray from the core values that shape our journalism. A small shareholder will have just as much power as a large one. You will join over 3,600 other co-owners in 42 countries and be invited to our annual general meetings and co-owner events. For those who want to be more involved, there is the opportunity to join our Common Council – a small group of co-owners who meet more regularly, acting as an advisory panel and sounding board.

The good news is in all of this is that we’ve got staying power – and a plan for how to get back on track. 50 years old etc.

Invest today 

Join us today

How to become a co-owner

  1. Go to saveourstories.info - there you will also find our Business Plan, Share Offer document and Frequently Asked Questions

  2. Choose how much you want to invest (any amount, starting from £50 (US$69) to £100,000 (US$138,778) and select your reward.

  3.  Pay safe and secure via the Crowdfunder page

  4. Tell your friends!

Often we find our readers say it better than we do. So I’m going to end by quoting co-owner Richard Brophy who wrote this amazing post on why he is a co-owner of New Internationalist:

It comes down to a simple equation: How can we change the world for the better if the voices of a significant proportion of our global family are rendered mute? We can’t. And without platforms like New Internationalist, we won’t.’

New Internationalist has always been on the right side of history. Please help us to stick around to fight for a better world, with our readers and supporters.


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