5 very good reasons to invest in New Internationalist

With less than 2 weeks to go, here are some of the top arguments for buying into our community share offer.

Credit: Kumail Rizvi

1 To protect trailblazing journalism

New Internationalist may be nearly 50 but we’re still idealistic, energetic and international in our outlook. Our magazine and website continue to publish perspectives from people and places not seen in the mainstream media.

We live our values and stay independent, refusing to take any form of sponsored content and sticking to a strict advertising policy. Day to day, we’re run as a worker co-operative with equal pay for all our staff members.

Credit: Kumail Rizvi
Credit: Kumail Rizvi

2 It’s an important time to invest in journalism you can trust

We know our readers trust us to give them a balanced and honest account of what’s happening in the world. One person who responded to our recent reader survey said, ‘I know that NI is always searching for the truth on different aspects of a question. NI is one of the only media I know that is not influenced by interests of economic or political powers.’

With democracy on the edge around the world, a climate crisis that is raging out of control and misinformation rife, the world urgently needs media that stands for something better.

Credit: Kumail Rizvi

3 New Internationalist is life changing

In our recent survey, 97 per cent of our readers said that reading the magazine increased their awareness of global inequality and more than two-thirds told us they had done something differently as a result of what they read. Young climate strikers have said that New Internationalist was the reason they walked out of class.

Our journalism also brings about wider change. Two months after we published an investigation that revealed that the UN staff pension fund had investments in illegal Israeli settlements, the UN confirmed it had divested from the fund in question.

Credit: Kumail Rizvi

4 Be part of the movement for a different media

Move over Murdoch, there’s a different kind of media ownership on the scene. Many media businesses are reliant on corporate advertising and wealthy backers from the conservative, powerful elite. Instead we’re owned by thousands of ‘mini media moguls’ around the world.

Increasingly, independent media organizations are democratizing what they do and bringing their readers closer to the action. It’s a movement that’s reimagining how media can be done differently and providing an alternative business model in an industry desperate for a new way to do things.

Credit: Kumail Rizvi

5 Co-owners can have a say in what New Internationalist does – but there’s no pressure!

When they invest, co-owners become custodians of our mission and have the right to vote on things like changes to editorial policy. There are ways to get more involved, including through our co-owner meetings which happen at least once a year and involve people from countries as far apart as the UK, Australia, Nepal and Brazil!

We also have a Common Council, which all co-owners are eligible to join, and who meet more regularly.

But, there’s also no obligation – co-owners can also sign up then sit back and enjoy the results.