Have your say on improving press standards

The UK regulator IMPRESS is calling for evidence on press standards relating to discrimination, harassment, online journalism and other issues.

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We all have a stake in the public interest served by high-quality journalism and so should be able to take part in conversations about how to improve the quality and trustworthiness of news. The UK press regulator IMPRESS is inviting individuals and organizations to take part in its call for evidence. How can the IMPRESS Standards Code be improved to capture aspects of the changing world we live in, particularly online?

Improving press standards in a changing, complex world

Do you have experience or information on how press standards could be improved? This is an opportunity for readers and individuals to have a say on and help shape and improve press standards. IMPRESS is seeking evidence on seven key themes: journalism online, discrimination, harassment, accuracy, fairness, children and public safety. See details about how you can contribute under each theme. This call for evidence closes on 26 February 2021.

This process intends to collect information for the ongoing review of the IMPRESS Standards Code, which is the set of rules by which IMPRESS regulates the news gathering activities and published material of regulated publications. You can help draft a revised set of rules so that the rules continue to be relevant and fit for purpose in the changing world we live in.

Who can take part in this call for evidence?

Any individual or organisation can participate, whether you have a direct interest in journalism or not. Taking part in the call for evidence is easy and accessible, through an online form. You may visit the IMPRESS website for details about the process.

About IMPRESS and its Standards Code

The IMPRESS Standards Code sets out the rules by which IMPRESS regulates the news gathering activities and published material of regulated publications. IMPRESS can accept complaints, investigate, and adjudicate on matters relevant to the Code. The code was first launched in 2017 after extensive research and consultation.

Taking part: Getting in touch with IMPRESS

If you’d like to get in touch with IMPRESS about the code review, please email [email protected] or visit https://www.impress.press/standards/code-review.html.

For any other enquiries, you may contact the team at [email protected]

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