The global fight for clean air

What’s in store for the future when it comes to stopping air pollution? Experts and campaigners discuss at a New Internationalist live event.

High death rates from Covid-19 have been linked to rising levels of air pollution, meanwhile the coronavirus restrictions have led to a massive drop in air pollution in many parts of the world. Both Covid-19 and air pollution has consistently hit the poorest and most marginalized people hardest.

During this New Internationalist event on 11 June 2020, an expert panel shared their stories, how they’ve been able to make change happen and their thoughts on how to address the global health crisis of toxic air.

Joining New Internationalist Co-editor Amy Hall on the day:

    • Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, founder and executive director, The Ella Roberta Family Foundation
    • Gary Fuller, air pollution scientist at Kings College London and author of The Invisible Killer - the rising global threat of air pollution & how we can fight back
    • Aruna Chandrasekhar, environmental journalist who has covered air pollution in India extensively, including for New Internationalist

The May/June edition of New Internationalist covers the global struggle for clean air. Buy the magazine here or read more here.