FAQs: pay it forward

Help us to connect communities fighting for change.

 Leah Namugerwa, a 15 year-old climate activist, holds a placard in Kampala in September 2019. Credit: Sumy Sadurni/Getty

It’s harder than ever for people to lay their hands on public-interest journalism, particularly in those communities worst affected by social injustice. In the current media landscape, journalism that connects local communities is being eroded. People report feeling more isolated than ever.

Yet all over the world, communities are facing similar challenges. We believe the stories we tell in New Internationalist – about how to avoid climate breakdown, end wars and protect our seas – are needed more than ever.

Our readers feel the same way. Inspired by supporters who have bought gift subscriptions for local schools, we have thought up a way to get news that is true – and in the public interest – to the places it does not reach. By putting free subscriptions in the hands of the right people, we can connect up communities who are working towards a more just world.

So, we are giving readers the option to sponsor subscriptions for community groups and state schools, starting from June 2020.

How does it work?

For every £40 donated by a subscriber, a community group or school will receive a free annual ‘institutional’ subscription to New Internationalist (normally worth £80 - £100). For larger organizations, this will include digital access for multiple readers.


Can I nominate a school or organization?

Not at this time. But if there is a school or organization who you think should be receiving a free subscription please email [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.

How are organizations and schools selected to receive access?

We are currently prioritizing state schools and community groups in England, particularly in areas that are traditionally under-served by public-interest news.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

No. New Internationalist is a not-for-profit organization but not a registered charity.

School testimonial

Here’s what one of the teachers at a state school in Poole said on receiving a free subscription to New Internationalist, bought by a supporter:

‘Thank you for doing this, we really appreciate it! I displayed the migration chart from this month’s edition and spoke to students about how migration occurs all around the world and finished by asking them where they would move to in the world if they could and why.’

What our readers say about us

‘I teach English to international students at a British university. The content of your magazine has helped to plant seeds in their minds, which may lead to something important in the future.’

‘Having more knowledge [has] made it easier for me to speak out on issues.’

‘I get a feeling that there is hope of changing how things now are. I receive inspiration from your magazine from the many of the stories of resistance it publishes.’