Introducing the New Internationalist relaunch

After becoming the UK’s largest media co-operative we decided to make our flagship magazine bigger and better

The front cover of NI515, September-October 2018. Featuring a photograph by Tim Hetherington/Magnum Photos, illustrating the issue's Big Story on peace.

Change is in the air at the New Internationalist offices. We’ve been discussing wild ideas. We’ve done a great deal of research – bringing in consultants, experts, and listening to you, our readers, as carefully as possible.

Why? In April 2017, we launched a campaign that transformed us into a new kind of media company. We asked our readers to buy shares and become co-owners of New Internationalist, making us the largest media co-operative in the UK.

This is by far the boldest and biggest makeover yet

The success of that investment has allowed us to redesign and relaunch our print magazine. And from September 2018, you’ll be seeing a new kind of NI magazine arriving on your doorstep and in the shops.

New Internationalist was first printed in 1973 – and in the 45 years spent at the forefront of reporting stories about social justice, the magazine has undergone many changes and makeovers.

‘Some were quite memorable,’ says co-editor Vanessa Baird. ‘Like in 1986 when we went for a new look that involved turning that mouthful of a title, New Internationalist, into a nifty “NI”, and launching the new design with a feminist issue on “Sex” that drew howls of protest from some readers.’

‘Yet, this is by far the boldest and biggest makeover yet.’

A mural of previous New Internationalist covers from the past 40 years
A selection of past New Internationalist covers, showcasing the different design styles over a 40-year history

We teamed up with TCO London, the agency behind Little White Lies and Huck to create a more impactful magazine. We think you’ll notice the difference.

‘In the last few years, we have been focusing more than ever on the kind of coverage that our readers hold dear,’ says co-editor Dinyar Godrej. ‘Out-of-the-box thinking, providing a platform for vital but often marginalized voices and grappling with the issues that matter rather than what’s currently “trending”. Now, we feel, we have a form that fits.’

From September, New Internationalist will come out six times a year, with each issue doubling in size to 84 pages.

People want a progressive, trusted publication to help make sense of the world

We’ll also be producing more long-form and investigative journalism. And the sections readers love the most will still be there. In fact, we have given them more space to breathe. Our rigour and commitment to the under-reported, social justice and the Global South has not changed.

‘This is a great time to relaunch New Internationalist,’ says co-editor Hazel Healy. ‘People want a progressive, trusted publication to help make sense of the world. With more space and a sharper design, we can go further in-depth, appeal to new audiences who might not have heard of us, and step up to the huge challenges we’re all facing. ’

We can’t tell you much more than this now. But more is coming soon: just stay tuned to our social media channels, keep checking and tell us your thoughts along with the #NI515 hashtag.

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