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Take action on renewables

Westmill solar farm

Westmill Solar Co-operative in Britain, the world’s largest community-owned solar farm. © westmillsolar.coop

Stop the fake corporate renewables

Stop wood-burning power stations from destroying forests
Britain: Check out axedrax.org.uk for details of actions (including a protest in London in April)
US: Find action info at energyjustice.net/biomass
Australia: forestsandclimate.org.au

Fight back against land-grabbing, forest-trashing corporate biofuels. Food not fuel!
Britain: biofuelwatch.org.uk
US: The fight against corn ethanol involves an unlikely alliance of livestock farmers, oil companies, environmentalists, anti-hunger campaigners, fast-food chains and free-market groups. See rfsoffthemenu.org, smarterfuelfuture.org and foe.org/projects/climate-and-energy/biofuels
Worldwide: Support peasant farmers’ control over their lands and food – see the Via Campesina website: nin.tl/peasantfarmers

Stop the megadams
Borneo: The Borneo Project’s ‘Stop the Dams!’ campaign: nin.tl/borneostopdams
Worldwide: internationalrivers.org and ienearth.org

Support clean, democratic energy

Renewable energy co-operatives are started by people like you. Find out how!
Britain: Centre for Alternative Technology information service: nin.tl/communityrenewables
US: Community Power Network: nin.tl/communitypower
Canada: Community Energy Partnerships Program: nin.tl/cepresources
Australia: Embark nin.tl/embarkau
New Zealand/Aotearoa: Co-operative Business New Zealand – nin.tl/coopsnz

Gain the skills to build your own
For example, Demand Energy Equality ([email protected]) runs practical energy workshops in London teaching people how to build DIY solar PV and off-grid systems. Search online for similar opportunities near you!

Support campaigns for taking back energy into democratic and community control
Britain: Global Justice Now – nin.tl/climateandenergy
Transition Network – transitionnetwork.org
We Own It – weownit.org.uk
Fuel Poverty Action – fuelpovertyaction.org.uk
US: Centre for Social Inclusion – nin.tl/energy-democracy
Transition US – transitionus.org
Worldwide: Unions for Energy Democracy – unionsforenergydemocracy.org

Bring down the barriers to change

Join the global movement to get our money out of fossil fuels...
gofossilfree.org ...and into truly clean alternatives instead:

Reduce the political and cultural power of the fossil fuel industry
Britain: artnotoil.org.uk, bp-or-not-bp.org, risingtide.org.uk, platformlondon.org
US: priceofoil.org, dirtyenergymoney.com
Canada: idlenomore.ca, greenpeace.org/canada/en/campaigns/Energy, canadians.org/energy
Australia: quitcoal.org.au, greenpeace.org/australia/en
New Zealand/Aotearoa: coalactionnetworkaotearoa.wordpress.com

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