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Action on Counterterrorism

The ultimate rendition

The ultimate rendition

to find a word
of quiet dignity, impeccably
connected (music, literature),
that will ask no questions
and will stop at nothing
(not the sending

of a man
across a sea by plane
to somewhere else so somewhere else
can torture him and we don’t have to)

and will make it seem
a mild necessity, it happens,

like the sea’s gesticulations,
clenching, heaving upwards
as the plane flies over,

like dread
that trickles coldly down the spine,

like handcuffing-sores, like sobs.

Fire in the Soul

Hubert Moore

Hubert Moore is a British poet with six published poetry collections, of which the latest is The Hearing Room (Shoestring, 2006). This poem is also included in the just-published New Internationalist/Amnesty International collection Fire in the Soul: 100 Poems for Human Rights.



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